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The Wayne family was now fragmented. Bruce Wayne had forever given up his Bat-Man identity and despised himself for the part he had played in the death of his wife Selina Kyle, the former villains CATWOMAN. He had recently taken on the roll as Commissioner of Police in Gotham City, and his work meant that he had something to aim his attention at, but at the cost of his relationship with his daughter and best friend. Bruce's daughter Helena had left home  before her Mothers death to study law at Harvard and was now a successful lawyer working along side Dick Grayson former partner of BAT-MAN. Dick Grayson and Bruce had also drifted apart as they did not see eye to eye on Vigilante Crime Fighting.

Dick tried to balance his Legal work with that as being Robin, but again he found he enjoyed both too much to give up on either. Also he had now started to build a relationship with Helena Wayne, who although was much younger than him, had many qualities he found to be exciting. Helena felt the same about Dick, who she had seen as nothing more that a Brother-Uncle figure, but without the love of her Father, she found what she was lacking in Dick Grayson.

Bruce Wayne acknowledge Dick & Helena's relationship, but did nothing to discourage  or encourage it.  He had his Police work,
The office of the Gotham City  Commissioner of Police 

Dick had Robin and his Legal work to drive him also.....

BUT as for Helena, she had something else to contend with,  finding proof  her dead Mother was NOT a Murder.

Even whilst Helena was in the final year of her Law Degree, she had started to looking into the circumstances surrounding her Mothers death, As far as the records read Selina Wayne had died in a freak accident whilst she had attempting a Robbery. Facts had been put forward that Selina had only become Catwoman again to cover up that she had once committed the murder of a Gotham City Policeman. BUT as this evidence was non existent the court at the official enquiry could only rule that Selina Wayne had died committing a crime, and had had a part to play in the Murder of a Police officer many years before.

Helena had found an entry in her Mothers diary stating she was being Blackmailed, and reporting she had never committed Murder in her time as The Catwoman. Although this could be seen as evidence, Helena knew that the diary itself did not prove innocents, and also Helena could not allow this document to be seen by other eyes as it would reveal other secrets about her Fathers identity as the BAT-MAN.

However, using the information she had she managed to track down Silky, the person who had blackmailed Selina. Knowing this harden criminal would not confess to the law as this would incriminate him, she decided to use a different tactic.

Bruce Wayne was now living most of his time in central Gotham City, so Helena knew that she could access Wayne Manor as she pleased. After all it was her home too....BUT what Helena wanted was not what was in the Manor, what she wanted lay beneath it the BAT CAVE.
Helena revisiting her past to find her future.

As a Girl Helena had played in the BAT CAVE under the supervision of her family. Although her father had retired as the BATMAN after her birth, he still used to visit the Cave and help Robin fight the good fight. During her youth down in the Bat Cave  Helena had learnt self defence from both her parents and her "Uncle" Dick. She had learnt how to use most of various scientific machines there also. To many this may have not been the ideal education for a young lady, but she was no ordinary young lady, Helena Wayne was the daughter of Batman & Catwoman after all.

Entering the Bat Cave Helena quickly assembled various items, and went about transforming herself. Borrowing one of Bat Cycles Helena left the Bat Cave on route to confronting her Moms Blackmailer.

Then Helena bust in on the crook Silky, she did it not as Helena Wayne, but as The Huntress.  Wearing a costume combining elements of both her parents masked identities and carrying weapons adapted from theirs also, she showed from the outset she was a force to be reckoned with.

The Huntress

Silky tried to run, but The Huntress managed to capture him. She toyed with him for a while, and found that with a little bit of pressure, she confessed to everything.  The Huntress dropped Silk off at Gotham Police head Quarters where he made a full confession about Blackmailing Selina Wayne into becoming the Catwoman and helping him  and his gang in their Robbery. . He also confirmed she had not killed the Police officer in question, he had. The fake Photographs were produced to help clear Selina's name. Finally he confessed that he planned to have Catwoman killed after the robbery, and then framing her for the job, however the intervention of Bat-man had scuppered these plans. When Bruce read the confession he was shocked as Silky confessed that the bullet that struck Selina was fired on purpose, and had not been an accident as originally thought.

The papers reported the innocence  of Catwoman, Bruce ensured that Silky was jailed. but Bruce found this of little comfort,  his beloved Selina was still dead, her good name had been restored, but she was still dead.

Bruce declared that the days of the Vigilante hero were over, and made a public announcement that all masked heroes had no place in his Gotham City.

However, this message failed to reach the ears of his daughter Helena, who decided that she enjoyed her time as The Huntress, and Gotham still needed a Dark Knight.

Next time we finish off this tail of Earth 2 and their unique BAT-MAN FAMILY.

Until then   ENJOY !!

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