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Mr & Mrs Bruce Wayne part three..... The Family Breaks Up


After the death of his wife Selina, Bruce Wayne destroyed all of his Batman costumes and vowed never to set foot in the Bat Cave ever again.  He decided to leave  his ex partner Robin to continue the fight for justice in Gotham City, However, Bruce would start to even question if it was right for Dick Grayson to continue in a vigilante manner. For a while Robin would use the facilities and the equipment in the Bat Cave hidden underneath Wayne Manor, but soon even he relocated.

As time went on, both Bruce and Dick would find that their differences would drive them apart. Dick had gone on to be a successful lawyer and found that balancing his time between this and being Robin was not always easy.
Richard Grayson Fighting for Justice 

Whilst Bruce had continued doing his good deeds and charity work, but on the advice and encouragement of his friend Commissioner James Gordon, Bruce decided that as James Gordon was due to retire from his office as Commissioner, he Bruce Wayne would make an ideal replacement.

Thus Bruce Wayne became the New Commissioner of Police for Gotham City. This was ideal for him, he could still fight crime, and protect the innocent without having to play the Vigilante.  Although he made allowances for the good work that Robin did, he made it publicly clear that this type of unlawful vigilante behaviour was not to be encouraged anymore.

Commissioner Wayne of Gotham City 

The third part of the story revolved around Bruce and Selina's daughter Helena. she had been brought up knowing that her Father was The BATMAN and her Mother was CATWOMAN, but as both parents had made her understand that their costumed antics had been exciting, they were not to be emulated in any way. If Helena wanted to protect the innocent and fight crime, she need to do this in a lawful way.
This is how Helena decided to go to Harvard and study law.

Her parents had given her everything she needed to succeed, and much encouragement in attaining her goals in life.  Even after the Death of her Mother, Helena used her anger she had felt from her Mothers senseless death, to push her to be the best she could be. She had an enquiring mind, she was smart, she knew what hard work was, and she knew she ultimately wanted justice for her Mother. However, her relationship with her Father did suffer as the guilt he had over playing a part in Selina's death meant he had difficulty relating her. Helena did not know that Bruce felt this way, but accepted that her Father was still grieving for his beloved wife. Also he had his work, and Helena was now away at Law School, so the twos relationship would forever be changed and never be the same again. However, she was still close to her "Uncle" Dick, who she had always had a crush on, and he always be there when she needed him.

Graduating top of her class, Helena joined her "Uncle" Dick Grayson in his law firm. she became a brilliant legal eagle and used much of her spare time looking at the details relating to the death of her mother.

She managed to track down Silky, the former member of Catwoman's gang who was responsible for setting things in motion after Blackmailing her Mother.  Gathering all the information together Helena still needed final proof of her Mothers innocents of the supposing murder. Without this Helena knew she still did not have a case.

Finally tracking down Silky, Helena knew he would not give her the information she needed to clear her Mothers name. She knew he would not give it up to her, Helena Wayne, daughter of The Catwoman... BUT she had other plans.......... An old fashioned approach once used by her Father

Next Time A new Dark Knight comes to Gotham City

Until then    ENJOY !

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