Monday, 2 December 2013

ROBIN no More ! Enter NIGHTWING Much More than a BOY WONDER.

In 1984 Dick Grayson relationship with his mentor and partner Bat-Man was starting to breakdown. As Robin, Dick had shown that he was more than the young sidekick of Bat-man. He had lead the Teen Titans for many years, and had teamed up with many of the Adult super heroes on his own. However, Bruce Wayne, aka BAT-MAN tended to always take the lead in their relationship, and at times this left Robin feeling under valued. It had always been Bat-Man & Robin, with the "& ROBIN" part was starting to take its toll on Dick.

Bruce was proud of his "son" Dick, but like a lot of parents found it hard to give the praise and encouragement he should have.

Although the dynamic duo had been around for years (decades), in comic terms and years Robin was still a 18 year old kid in Bat-man's eyes, and still was not ready to go it alone. After many arguments Bruce finally told Dick that if he was not happy with the set up he should leave the Bat Cave and the partnership. Which he did.

Robin announced to his Teen Titan Team mates that he was no longer going to be Robin, and whilst he decided where his next direction was to take him, he continued aided the Titans as himself. He told them he thought he had outgrown Robin, and The Bat-man ! He took of his Robin costume for the last time, much to the delight of many of the female Titans !


However, when the Titans battled with Deathstoke the Terminator Dick aided the Teen Titans not as Robin but at NIGHTWING.

Over the years Dick had become close to Superman via his various team ups with Bat-man. During one of this team ups Superman had told Robin about two Kryptonian heroes of legend Nightwing & Flame Bird, who had been Krypton's own version of BAT-MAN & ROBIN. Taking this idea on board help Dick create his new identity.

Dick's first Nightwing costume was very 1980's in design. Very fussy and so on.


By the 1990's the costume had changed.

and entering the 2000's the Nightwing suit and look was finally sorted.

Bruce and Dick's relationship did heal in time, and finally Bat-man allowed Nightwing more freedom when they acted and fought together.

Although Dick Grayson was the original Robin, he was not the last to put on the costume or adopt the name. But tales of the other "Robin's" will have to wait for another time.

This is not the end of the Dick Grayson tale, he would go on to replace Bruce as Bat-man, but that tale is for another time, as is the person who would became HIS Robin.
Dick Grayson is BAT-MAN

After Bruce Wayne came back from the dead, Dick took up his old identity as Nightwing yet again. This is how Nightwing remained up until the Big Changes that came with 52 !!!

Next time the final person of MY Bat-man Family ....

Until then    ENJOY !

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