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When we last left the story The Invade-dogs along with their newest member ----The Union Jack Russell were on the trail of the Vill-hound, the Evil Vampire,  Baron Bloodhound, who had kidnapped Lady Jaw-kie Furs-wolf . From clues left by the Baron, the hero hounds had now realised that The Baron was hiding out in the caverns deep below their current position..............FURS-WOLF MANOR........ the story continues

On entering the Caverns The Invade -dogs split into teams as they believed that would be a quicker way to find Jaw-kie.  Her father Lord Mutt aka the Union Jack Russell knew that time was of the essences as sooner or later his brother Baron Bloodhound would need to feed again from the blood of his daughter  Jaw-kie.

When the Invade-dogs finally found the Baron he was holding  Jaw-kie by the neck over a bottomless  dark crevasse,  a drop that if he let go of her would for certain kill her.

As the Invade-dogs surrounded the Vampire kidnapper, he warned them to stay back as he would either drop her or break her neck with his super canine might  The Baron laughed as he explained that he had originally come to England to destroy both his brother and the Union Jack Russell not knowing that they were one and the same.  He also delighted in telling Mutty that he had intended to kill all of his brother's family one by one until he was sole heir to the Furs-wolf title. A tittle he believed was rightfully his.  He baited Mutty as he explained that he had originally planned to kill his brothers wife first, but she had perished before he could do this.  He also joked that he was glad that he had failed at his first attempt to kill Lady Jaw-kie in London, as he now wanted to turn her into a Vampire Too.  He said he knew where Lord Muttys estranged son , Bri-Hound,  was located in Germany, and would be paying him a visit once he had concluded business in England.

As the Vampire monster ranted on and on,  Canine America was covertly signalling to the other Invade-dogs to surround The Baron. Both Prince Namutt and the Canine Torch were in position, BUT as Canine America gave the signal to attack, The Baron quickly sank his fangs into Jaw-kie's neck and started to drain her blood.  As the Invade-dogs advanced the Baron threw the now limp body of his victim towards the bottom of the dark crevasse....... Prince Namutt dived down the cliff to catch her. Luckily he managed to grab her before she made contact with the ground. He plucked her from certain doom with the aide of the small wings on his feet that allowed him the power of flight.

  In the meantime, The baron had managed to dodge both the Canine Torch and his young partner Totos flaming fire balls.  Canine America was surprised as when he threw his shield at the Baron, the Vampire managed to catch it and then threw it back towards Barky who was attempting to shoot at the Evil Woofzi with his machine gun.


In all this confusion, the Baron had not seen that the Union Jack Russell had crept up behind him. Slowly and as quietly as possible he drew his silver dagger, but as he was going to use the dagger to stake the Baron through his Blackened Dead Heart, Mutty was distracted as he heard The Sub-Muttrina call out that Jaw-kie was alive, but was close to death.  A concerned Union Jack Russell lost concentration for a split second, this was all the time it took for Baron Bloodhound to knock the dagger from his paw.  The Baron then grabbed his brother and used him as a shield against any further attacks from the two torches or Canine America.

Still holding Mutty the Baron flew quickly away deeper into the caverns.    Before the Invade-dogs could make chase they needed to tend to their own wounded.  Lady Jaw-kie was gravely ill.  Her body was grey and limp after she had been drained of blood. Also Barky was unconscious after being hit by Canine America's shield.  Canine America decided that the Baron was too dangerous a vill-hound and it would be up to The Canine Torch and The Sub-Muttrina to rescue The Union Jack Russell.  Both he and Toto would stay behind to tend to Barky and Lady Jaw-kie.  Toto wanted to go too, but The Canine Torch told him that he also believed that Canine America was right.    The Baron was far too dangerous to risk his young puppy partner in a direct confrontation.

How will this story end...... come back next time


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