Sunday, 29 January 2012


Lady Jaw-kie made a full recovery in the next few days.  When questioned by her Father Lord Mutty, she could not account for how she received the Vampire Bites.  Although she was still unhappy that her Father had taken up being the Union Jack Russell again, she took comfort that he and the Invade-dogs would be around to protect her if Baron Bloodhound tried to attack her again.

All this time Jaw-on. aka Baron Bloodhound stay out of every ones way.  He was enjoying watching his Brother and the other Hero Hounds make plans to capture him. He had decided killing Lady Jaw-kie was too easy.  He now wanted to turn her into a Vampire TOO.  To make a Vampire depended on when and how he next took her blood.  Too much and she would just die, not enough and she would fall into a coma again.... arousing suspicion.

Jaw-on needed the Invade-dogs to leave the Manson, so he decided to again send them on another  wild goose chase.  He again contacted his secret group of saboteurs asking this time for one of their number to plant clues in London that Baron Bloodhound had struck again. Then they were to alert the Invade-dogs and like the Hero Hounds they were, they would run off looking for him in London, whilst he would be really at Furs-wolf Manor with Lady Jaw-kie.

When the call came regarding the fake sightings of Baron Bloodhound, the Invade-dogs left the Manor   and raced towards the given  location. Once they had gone Jaw-on went into Lady Jaw-kie's room where she was sleeping.   As he prepared to pull back the sheets and bite her when, the light was turned on, and he was confronted with Canine America's Teen aged Side Kick BARKY.  Secretly Barky had asked to stay behind to guard Lady Jaw-kie. He had been suspicious of "Nephew" Jaw-on from the beginning.  He had known things about Jaw-kie's attack that he should not have, and his later panic attack over the silver dagger again caused Barky concern.

Surprised,  Jaw-on attacked the young Invade-dog,  Barky using the training he had received from Canine America punched him away. The punch broke Jaw-on's false teeth exposing his real teeth underneath.  The real teeth belonging to a VAMPIRE.

In a furious rage for being discovered the Baron decided to deal with Barky. In the commotion Lady Jaw-kie had awoken, and seeing that her cousin was in fact Baron Bloodhound, she  attempted to hit him with a bedside lamp. The Baron quickly knocked it aside, and with a slap of his paw sent Jaw-kie flying back against the wall and into an unconsciousness.  Barky attacked the Baron again, but was no match for the Super Canine might of the Vampire.  BUT before the Baron could feast on Barky, he heard the sound of the Invade-dogs aircraft returning.  Throwing Barky to one side, Baron Bloodhound scooped up Lady Jaw-kie and crashed through the window and flew away.

When the Invade-dogs discovered the wreaked bedroom and Barky laying unconscious, they knew that Baron Bloodhound must have returned. BUT this time he had kidnapped JAW-KIE. 

The Final showdown next time


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