Sunday, 8 January 2012


Baron Bloodhound, The Vampiric Hound from Hell had indeed returned.  He had given up his search for The Union Jack-Russell who he had been hunting since 1919.  It was now 1941 and whilst his hatred for The Red White & Blue clad WW1 hero was still fresh in his mind, he knew that it was possible that The Canine behind the Union Jack -Russell mask was now either an old man, or DEAD. The Baron  was still unaware WHO the mystery mutt was or that The Union Jack-Russell had in fact retired from active service in 1919.


Like he had been with the German Canine Kaiser in WW 1, the Baron was a supporter of the New Leader of Germany....... The Fur-ier AD-WOLF HIT-FUR.   Although not a Germanic born hound, he hated the English way of life. The Baron had been recruited personally by  the Woofzi leader to act as an saboteur,  he was given the task to go to England and cause havoc and  destruction. The Baron accepted, this would give him the opportunity to seek and two people he most hated, His Brother and his enemy The Union Jack Russell. Also Hit-fur had given The Baron a little gift that his Woofzi scientists had developed especially for the Vampire Baron.  The Gift would enable Baron Bloodhound to walk in the day light once again.

When the Baron had arrived in England, he travelled to London, where his brother and his family were  then located .  His first victim was to be  his brothers wife, but unfortunately she died before he could bite her.  She was a fatality of a stray bomb that fell on the hospital where she had worked.

The Baron was a vampire and as such he needed to drink blood to survive. Originally he had based himself in London, where he could cover up any murders he committed. hiding his victims amongst the many bodies that had been caused due to the bombings by the Woofzi Air force. BUT now he would need to move location, as his brother had now moved into the country side to grieve over the death of his wife. BUT before the Baron could go in search of his brother, he had one more target in mind........  His brother's Daughter, and she was still living in London.

Baron Bloodhound had been watching his niece for many days, she had started doing some support work for the local Home Guard unit in Central London. Tonight was to be her last night as she had decided to move back home to look after her father after the recent death of her mother.  Whilst she was on her way home after her shift the Baron attacked her.  She managed at first to escape him but eventually he managed to grab hold of her, but as he attempted to bite her and drain the blood from her young neck,  he was driven away from the blast from a large  flaming fire ball.   The Baron turned to look at his attacker to find it was none other than American Hero Hound,  THE CANINE TORCH.  


A second, then third fire ball hit the vampire, who then fled as he was unprepared to fight this strange new enemy.

With the Vampire now gone, The Canine Torch flamed off, and went to help the young victim of the attack.   She was thankful to him for his help and asked him his name.  The Torch taken aback with the beauty of the young lady said " Hi my name is JAWS HAMM-HOUND"   to which the beautiful blond girl replied " Hello, my name is Jaw-kie,  Lady Jaw-howling Furs-Wolf, it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Mr Hamm-hound, and thank you for saving my life.

"What and who was that monster that was attacking you ?" asked The Torch

"I do not know" replied Lady Jaw-Howling, but I think that my father can help identify him.

More next Time.


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