Friday, 6 January 2012


By 1941 America Had joined the fight against Hit-Fur and his Woofzi's

                          President FDR           AD-WOLF HIT-FUR         Prime Mutt-ister  Churchound

The new team of Hero Hounds named The INVADE-DOGS by British Prime-Mutt-ister Winston Churchound, were originally operating out of the United States.

Whilst on home ground they ended up battling the Likes of U-MUTT and The Red Skully-Wagg.

U-MUTT terror of the Seven Sea's

 BUT  once a new home land team had formed, The Liberty Lickers (more about those later this week) The Invade-dogs under the leadership of Canine America transferred to ENGLAND and closer to the fighting in Europe.

Although mainly a group of American Citizens, ( Only Prince Namutt has not an US Citizen ) the Invade-dogs took their orders from Winston Churchound with the blessing of the US President FDR.  It was not long before Canine America, Barky, The Canine Torch, Toto and The Sub-Mut-rina were joined by a home grown  British Hero Hound.

He was called The UNION JACK RUSSELL.

You can meet him next time.


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