Thursday, 5 January 2012


During W W 2 ( That is World Woof  2 )  a group of hero hounds rose up to battle the Evil dictator AD-WOLF HIT-FUR and his army of WOOFZI supporters.

In 1941 Herr or is it Hair Hit -Fur sent an assassin to kill the then English Bull Dog leader,  Winston Churchound.

This assassin was the Woofzi Super Soldier call MASTER MUTT.     Wolfhound Lohmutt was an America born of German parents. He was a supporter of Hit-fur and joined the Woofzi party. He was a weak and frail hound, but after he was subjected to a similar process that created Canine America, Wolfhound became MASTER MUTT the first of a Race of Master beings. His first mission given him by his Furry-er Hit-Fur was to kill the British Prime Mutt-ister Winston Churchound.

A group of American Hero Hound received news of the plot and together they prevented Master Mutt from killing Prime Mutt-ister Winston Churchound.  These heroes hounds where...... The Robotic Hound of Fire....THE ORIGINAL CANINE TORCH, his young adopted pup TOTO, the Flaming Pup......

 King of the Seven Seas. Prince Namutt, THE SUB-MUTTRINA

... and the Newly empowered sent hound of liberty....CANINE AMERICA  along with his young partner BARKY

So impressed with them and there amazing powers, Winston Churchound begged that they all stay together and become a fighting force based in England and Europe to help appose the Evil HIT-FUR.  The Hero Hounds agreed ...... and the INVADE-DOGS were born.



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