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Whilst the Invade-dogs were based in England, they met a British Born Hero Hound dressed in RED WHITE & BLUE....... He was called  The UNION JACK RUSSELL


This Blue Blooded Brit was in fact LORD MUTT-GOMERY  FURS-WOLF, who had been a costumed hero hound since W W 1 ( That is WORLD WOOF 1 ) He was recruited during 1914 by the British Army who wanted a symbol to help rally the troops in Europe and strike terror in the Canine Kaisers Army. Although he did not process any special powers, he was a dab hand at  PAW to PAW conflict, and an expert with both his trusty revolver and dagger. He became the personification of all that was British.  During his active duty in war torn Europe. During this time The Union Jack -Russell came face to face Baron Bloodhound, a German agent who was also a vampire.  Union Jack - Russell managed with the help of his trusty silver dagger,  to defeat the Vampire Baron Bloodhound during their last battle at the  later part of  WW 1, this would not be the last time these two would meet. Baron Bloodhound vowed to destroy the British Hero Hound, but he would have to wait as once the War was over, The Union Jack-Russell returned to England and Vanished.


 By the end of WW 1  Union Jack-Russell had become disillusioned with War and conflict, and when Peace finally came to the world in 1918,  Lord Furs-Wolf  decided to hang up his Union Jack-Russell costume forever and return to the family business and his Estate at Furs-wolf Manor.

In the years between the wars Lord Mutt-gomery Furs-Wolf or Mutty to his friends settled down and married his sweet heart Jane.   He and the new Lady Furs-wolf had two children,   Bri-hound and Jaw-howling.


Things were good for a time , but during the mid 1930's  as news of another possible war in Europe started to circulate  with the rise to power of Ad-wolf Hit-Fur. Lord Mutty found that he and his teenaged son Bri-hound started to clash over what the British People should do about Hit-fur and his Woofzi followers. Things got so bad that Bri-hound against his fathers wishes decided to travel to Germany along with  Ruff Aubarky, his best friend and secret lover.  Lord Mutty lost contact with his son, and believed that Bri-hound must have become a Woofzi supporter, and as a result Mutty decided to disown him.

As the months went on War was declared  and both Lord and Lady Furs-wolf did their bit for the War effort.  Mutty did some work for the war office, whilst his darling wife Lady Furs-wolf worked in a hospital in London.  Their daughter Jaw-howling or Jaw-kie to her friends assisted the local Home Guard regiment.

Tragedy  soon struck the Furs-wolf Family, Firstly in 1941  Lady Jane  Furs-wolf was killed during an Air-raid in London. This affected Lord Mutty badly, and hid away at the country home, Furs-wolf Manor deep in sadness and grief.  He had lost his wife, and had recently received information that his own son Bri-hound had been photographed in Berlin with Ad-Wolf Hit-Fur himself.  This caused him great shame, and it was only the care and support of his daughter Jaw-kie that stopped Mutty from having a complete breakdown. Soon he started to return to his War Work, and opened his home to the War Office, and offered his help to Prime Mutt-ister Winston Churchound. Many secret meetings were held at the Manor which  involved many of the Generals from the British and Allied Armed Forces . This was a perfect place for secret meetings. Away from the dangers of the Blitz, and away from any Woofzi spies.

During one of these meetings Lord Mutty received information that some murders and disappearances had happened in the local area. He was shocked when he realised that this could be the work of his WW1 adversary the Vampire Baron Bloodhound. BUT before he could investigate more...................

An attempt was made on the life of his beloved daughter Jaw-kie

More next time..................


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