Tuesday, 24 January 2012


Whilst the Invade-dogs plus the Union Jack Russell were travelling to London to stop Saboteurs,  Jaw-on Furs-wolf aka Baron Bloodhound  had decided to have a little fun of his own.

His original plan to trick the Invade-dogs away from the Manor leaving her brother Lord Mutty and Lady Jaw-kie vulnerable to his next attack.  He planned was to kill Jaw-kie in front of his brother, and then reveal that he was not Lord Muttys son, but his brother ... who was also a Vampire and the Dreaded Baron Bloodhound.

With Mutty accompanying the Invade-Dogs as his alter ego, only Lady Jaw-kie was left at home. Killing her would be fun he thought, but not straight away.  Standing outside her bedroom door  he  wanted to laugh out loud, but instead he knocked on the door.  "ENTER" came a voice from within.

Entering the room Jaw-on's  appearance startled Jaw-kie............... but before she managed to cry out for help she fell into a deep sleep.  Baron Bloodhound had used his hypnotic stare to hypnotise his niece. As she slept...... the Baron plunged his fangs into her neck.  Her blood tasted sweet, but the Baron knew he could not drink too much...... he did not want to kill her yet.   She would die soon enough, BUT NOT TONIGHT.


Hours later the Invade-dogs had returned from their mission in London.  Everyone was amazed by the actions and skills that The Union Jack Russell had shown that evening.  Lord Mutty may be an old Dog in his 50's  these days, but he managed to come across as a young pup half his age.  Whilst travelling back to Furs-wolf Manor , Canine America offered Lord Mutty a place on the Invade-dogs team.  Lord Mutty agreed but on the proviso that his home Furs-wolf  Manor be the British HQ of the Invade-dogs.  All of the Hero Hounds agreed.  Not only had they received a new team mate... they  had found a new home.

Arriving back at the Manor Lord Mutty raced towards his home eager to tell his daughter Jaw-kie the good news.

For what happens next come back next time.


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