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Whilst living or is that UN-living in Berlin,  Baron Bloodhound was never totally free from his Master Count Vladi-Dog Drac-Howler.   Drac-howler still weak from his years of imprisonment by his Nemesis Jaw-nathound Barker instructed his disciple to travel to England to punish its people for the acts of those of  Jaw-nathound Barker.

This the Baron did with out question, as he wanted to return to England anyway....... and with the help of the resources of Drac-howler it made it much more simpler. He was the living dead after all, so travelling with a Coffin especially at War time could be tricky and could lead to questions that he did not want to answer.

Arriving in England at the End pf 1917 the Baron began his task of causing as much destruction and upset as possible.   He had now acquired a Costume which  added to the over all look of fear and terror he wanted his victims to have to enjoy. ALSO it allowed him greater control over his flight and gave him a mask to hide behind.  Even Vampires sometime want to have a secret identity to hide behind.

During this time he first came into conflict with The Union Jack Russell.  Mutty Furs-wolf aka The Union Jack Russell had returned from the front line of the battle Fields in France to help address some of the saboteur acts and strange happening s that were being caused by agents of the German Kaiser.  Union Jack Russell had a few run ins with Baron Blood aka Jaw-on Furs-wolf, neither of whom knew that they were actually BROTHERS. Why should they, it had been years since the two of them had seen each other, They both wore Masks, and both used phony voices....... The Baron a German Accent, and his brother a more toned down version of his upper class English  one.  More " Guald Blimey Mary Poppins ! "  than " Toodle Pip old Chap ! "
During their final battle,  Union Jack Russell knowing that his Silver Dagger had some effect on his Vampire foe,  stabbed Baron Bloodhound through the heart.  Although not sufficient to kill him, the Baron would end up taking to his coffin for many months to recover.  

By the time that Baron Bloodhound was fit enough to go looking for revenge the War was over, and the British RED WHITE & BLUE Hero Hound had disappeared. With no further need to be in Britain, Jaw-on Furs-wolf returned to Germany.

Between the wars Mutty went back to his life, he married his first love Jane and they started their own family.  A son Bri-hound followed by a daughter Jac-howling..... He eventually inherited his fathers title and estate on his fathers death.   As no trace was ever found of his brother Jaw-on, the family lawyers declared that he must have died or had been killed during  W W1  (World Woof 1)  so the family business reverted over to Mutty as his sole surviving heir. The lawyers did trace a number of debts that Jaw-on had incurred after he had run away to Europe, and to keep the family name free from any scandal, Lord Mutt-gomery Furs-worth instructed these to be settled, as his father had done many times before for Jaw-on.

By 1932 the Baron was still residing in Germany, watching the rise to power of a certain Ad-wolf Hit-fur.  The Baron liked the promise of a NEW Germanic republic..... and thought that he could play a part in the new Reich. Around this time  Baron Bloodhound discovered that he, or should I say Jaw-on Furs-wolf had been declared dead.  This maddened him, OK he was in fact dead, but this was no reason for his dear brother to rob him of his inheritance once again.   The Baron knew he could not go to England and declare himself alive., there would be a few problems that he would have to address first.

 1/ where he had been ?      2/  Why he had not aged ?  He had died (become a vampire)  aged 23, that was in  he still looked 23..... when in fact he was now in his  40's (or should have been).   3/ He was a Vampire, so he could  not existing in day light hours, a real problem if you hope of  doing any business and travelling.   and 4/  His pale grayish skin and his yellow and red eyes would cause some suspicion, if not to his Family but to others.    For now The Baron knew he could not attempt to regain his inheritance, but he was not one to give up.

He offered his assistance to the new Woofzi Party, and soon found himself working as an assassin and spy for them.  He used his connections and influence to gather as much knowledge he could to find some type of cure for his "condition".  He would meet many strange and wonderful German mad  scientists over the next few years, and although a cure could not be found for his deceased Vampire state, he had his abilities and his strength increased 10 fold.  Although he would never to be a match for the likes of older Vampires like " his maker"  Count Drac-howler, he was now one of the more powerful Vampires in existence. This had come at a price...... he looked more Vampiric than before. His skin was now deadly Gray, his eyes forever blood shot and his fangs now did not completely retract.  A small price to pay for such power thought the Baron.

Still he could not have the one thing he wanted, The ability to walk in the Sun Light Again...... but this was about to change.

This part of the story has gone full circle...... next time we return to 1941 when Jaw-on returns into the life of his Brother Mutty,  Baron Bloodhound encounters the Invade-Hounds...... and the UNION JACK RUSSELL come out of retirement



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