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When Jaw-on Furs-wolf stole money from his Father and he fled to France, it  was 1913..  and many months before the first rumblings of war.  Jaw-on was young and had expensive tastes. It was not very long before he had exhausted all of his ill gotten gains.   He used his breeding and social standing as the son of an English Lord to borrow money and goods from anyone stupid enough to lend it to him.  He did not care what terms or conditions may have been attached....... he had no intention of paying anyone back anyway.

PARIS 1913       IT'S PARTY TIME !

  This continued until he ended up owing money to the wrong person. Unable to pay his debts Jaw-on moved on again, this time deeper into Eastern Europe. He had thought about settling for a time in Germany, as he had distant relatives living there from his Mother's side of the family, BUT as War looked like it was to erupt soon, he moved to the Austria-Hungarian boarders.

 He had heard rumours of riches that existed in many of the old castles and stately  homes in that part of Europe.  Jaw-on believed if he could find such riches he would be able to obtain them for himself,  after all  he was an English Gentleman from a titled Family,   who would suspect him as being a con man let alone a thief and a Cheat. His expensive education had given him the ability to speak various European Languages...... so all of Europe was assessable to him.

As the war gathered pace, Jaw-on used this as an opportunity to start dealing in black market goods.  Most of them stolen of course.  He had some success in finding rich home owners to fleece , but as of yet he had not found a castle full of treasure.

A chance discussion with a local land owner in the Carpathian Mountains furnished Jaw-on with the information that a castle on the borders of Bukovina, Moldavia and Transylvania  could hold the treasures he was looking for. The local filled Jaw-on's head with stories of wealth and treasures that the owner had amassed over the years.  Gold  and silver in every room. All ready to be plundered believed Jaw-on.  without delay he set forth for Castle Drac-howler.


What happened next is unknown, but what is thought is Jaw-on arrived to find the Castle nothing but a run down empty shell..... no treasure of any sort to be found. However young Jaw-on was a resourceful young chap after all, and when he found a locked door deep in the catacombs under the Castle he though he stuck the Jackpot....  but again inside the fortified room was nothing but a large casket sized box which had been secured by many chains.  Thinking that it must contain something of value he broke open the steel locks. He  took a deep breath and opened the lid.  This was the last ever breath he would take..... as a living thing that is.

Why the Vampire Count Drac-howler  did not kill Jaw-on was not certain, Maybe after many years imprisoned in his casket deep under the Castle, Count Drac-holwer required more than just blood, maybe he needed a servant or flunky to help him. Draining Jaw-on's blood, Drac-howler created a new  Vampire in the process .  What is known is that Dracula kept Jaw-on by his side for many months... in that time Jaw-on learnt from his new master all there was to know about being a Vampire.

How Jaw-on escaped the clutches of the Count is unclear, but by late 1916 Jaw-on was hunting his prey on the streets of Berlin Alone ! .  He had renamed himself Baron Bloodhound, and had started to hide his English Accent beneath a fake  Hungarian - Austrian one.  This fitted his new character better.   Jaw-on Furs-wolf was dead, killed by Count Drac-howler.......... Now he was Baron Bloodhound  ..... son of the Lord of Vampires ........ Count Drac-howler.


Next time Baron Bloodhound goes to war.


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