Wednesday, 25 January 2012


As Lady Jaw-kie came down the stairs on her way to breakfast, she was surprised when her Father, Lord Mutty came running through the front door dressed as The Union Jack Russell.

The surprise soon turned to anger. She had known since she was a little pup that her Daddy had once been a famous Hero Hound fighting in W W 1.   She was very proud of the  fact, BUT that was over 20 years ago, when her Father was a young dawg himself.  Now he was in his early 50's and in her mind he was TOO OLD for such a dangerous past time.

As she started to scold both her Father and Canine America for allowing and encouraging him, she became all dizzy and fainted.

Lady Jaw-kie feels unwell

Lucky for her she fell into the strong Paws of the Scent Hound of liberty, Canine America. A panicked Lord Mutty quickly pulled off  his Union Jack Russell mask and put his ear to his Daughters chest. He could hear her faint heart beat, but then she started to struggle to breath properly. Without delay Mutty undid Jaw-kie's neck scarf to help her catch her breath.

As he did so Lord Mutty fell backwards still holding Jaw-kies scarf.  His eyes were wide, and he had the look of terror on his face.  Barky asked him if he too was ok.   All Mutty said was " HE HAS RETURNED ! "

Looking at Jaw-kie The Canine Torch shouted "LOOK"


As the Invade-dogs looked at the ailing Blond Beauty they could see two red puncher marks on her neck.

Composing himself  Lord Mutty muttered...... "  BARON BLOODHOUND..... HE HAS RETURNED ! "

Prince Namutt the Sub-muttrina scoped Lady Jaw-kie up in his arms and carried her up to her bedroom, the other Invade-dogs along with her grief stricken Father followed behind.  The Canine Torch flamed on and flew to the local village to find and bring the local Doctor. During last nights dinner, Jaw-kie had mentioned that she had offered her services to the Local Cottage hospital, so The Torch knew help was at hand.

After the Torch brought  the Doctor, all of the Invade Hounds waited in Lord Mutty's study awaiting the outcome of  his examination.   During all the commotion "nephew" Jaw-on had arrived back at the Manor, saying that he had gone out for an early morning walk.  This was a lie, as Jaw-on was really Baron Bloodhound, who after drinking the Blood of his victim had decided that he needed further sustenance and had gone off hunting for further prey in the local area.

Lord Mutty was pleased that Jaw-on was safe, and as Jaw-on put his paws around his Uncle for comfort .  the disguised Vampire smiled to himself.     He had found his Nemesis weak spot..... His Daughter.

The Doctor soon  entered Lord Mutty's Study, we was a little bit shaken, not by Lady Jaw-kie's condition, it was entering a room full of Costumed Hero Hound that made him uneasy.  Lord Mutty was dressed in his normal attire as his Identity as The Union Jack -Russell was still a secret.

The Doctor said that Jaw-kie would be ok. He thought she was a little bit anaemic and said that with rest she should be fine.  Jaw-on mentioned did the Doctor know what the marks were on her neck ? . The Doctor said he did not know, but he thought they were the result of her falling. Jaw-on Laughed and Lord Mutty changed the subject quickly.  Everyone knew the cause of the Puncher marks.   No need to involve the Doctor any more.

Over the next few days as Jaw-kie got better,  Lord Mutty and the Invade-Dogs made plans on how they would capture Baron Bloodhound.  Jaw-on offered to help guard his "cousin" if the Invade- Dogs needed to leave the Manor again.  Lord Mutty thanked his "Nephew" and gave him a cloth rapped item.

He told Jaw-on it was to be used as protection against the Vampire.   On opening it Jaw-on looked horrified and dropped the item.  It was The Union Jack Russell's silver dagger. Silver was one of the only things that could harm a Vampire.   Mutty shocked by the action of Jaw-on picked it up and again offered it to Jaw-on.   Jaw-on turned away and left the room.  Puzzled by this Canine America followed  Jaw-on. Stopping him he enquired to why he did not want to take the Dagger.   Jaw-on then confessed that a similar dagger had been used to kill his Father,  this is why it upset him.  Canine America believed this lie, and so did the others when they heard the sad tale.

For now Baron Bloodhound was safe hiding in plain sight.  He smiled when he thought about the foolish Invade-Dogs believing his lies.  BUT did all of them believe the lies ? One young Pup did not.



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