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The "New" Teen Titans ... Part Eleven The Coming of The Cyborg

Last Time I wrote about Victor Stone, a boy  GENIUS who had turned his back on his parents choice of future to pursue his own path in life.

Finding Sport to be his true vocation, Victor soon became an all round athlete. Tipped for greatness as a future Olympian, Victor's life was great.

However, on a visit to his parents Laboratory at STAR Labs, he arrived as his parents were in the middle of an experiment which opened an inter-dimensional portal into the unknown, The portal allowed a monstrous entity to emerge. It killed Victor's Mother, Elinore and then attacked Victor. Its touch was like acid, and its touch started to burn and erode Victor's body.  Victor's father Silas was able to shut down the Portal causing the Entity to be pulled back into its own dimension. This both sealed the Portal and caused most of the laboratory to be destroyed in the process.
The Accident at STAR Labs

Silas Stone was left with the realisation that his Wife was Dead and his Son was near death too. Victor was still alive, but most of his body had been destroyed in the attack, along with their research in Inter-Dimensional affairs, Silas had also been working for the US Army developing a Cybernetic Suit of Armour and prosthetic enhancements to help injured soldiers. Silas knew that even if his son did survive, the chances of him ever being able to to walk let alone function as a normal person was impossible.

Using his own designs and much untested procedures, Silas spent the next few weeks slowly rebuilding his son.

Grafting Metal and plastic to parts of Victor's body, Silas began to slowly replace the damaged and destroyed parts of Victor.

Half of Victor's Face was gone, as was both his legs and his arms.  Were possible Silas tried to keep as much of Victor's body as was before, but this proved difficult..... but at least his son would live.

When Victor first awoke from his coma, he was horrified at his new appearance. He felt like he was a Monster and his Father was no better than a modern day Dr Frankenstein.
Victor sees his new face for the First Time in the Mirror

Although originally wanting to die after the discovery of  that  most of his body and part of his face have been replaced with metallic implants, he eventually adjusts to the changes and learns to control his implants.

As he got Stronger and more confident with his new body Victor began to realise that again his relationship with his Father was based on just one thing..... Research. And he had become nothing more than a Test Subject and Laboratory Project of  DR Silas Stone. 

In anger Victor walked away from his Father and further testing of his new body, Silas pleaded with Victor that he was unsure that the Prosthetics and implants would not start to reject and fail. But Victor did not care. It was time for him to find his place in the world.

At first Victor tried to go back to his old University  life, But now  with his enhanced body he could no longer compete fairly in any Sport. Also he found he was now academically below the standards expected at the University and therefore could not justify staying on to continue his studies on his scholarship.

Although Victor could hide most of his "new" body beneath his clothing his facial Implants made it difficult to blend in. He found he was now shunned by strangers and by many who he considered friends. Even his long Time Girl Friend found she could not coup with the "new" look Victor Stone.
The New Look made Victor Feel like a FREAK 

Victor's Life was now one of a recluse. He had no future in his mind. His Career in Sport was now a dream, he hated and blamed his father for what happened, his Mother was dead and at times he wished he too had died.

At his lowest ebb is when Raven appeared asking for his help in Defeating Triggon.  He accepted the challenge and found that as a result his life changed too. He now found a purpose for his life, a place where his looks were never questioned. Whilst the World saw him as CYBORG to the other Titans he was Victor (Vic) Stone, Friend and Team Mate.

Next Time a look at the combined force that was The "NEW" Teen Titans.

Until Then Enjoy !

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