Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The New Teen Titans Part Ten The Meet Victor Stone

The Final Member of the Original Line Up of the "New" Teen Titans was Victor Stone. All through his life Victor had felt like he was more than an experiment than a person.

Victor was born to  Silas and Elinore Stone, both of whom were very accomplished scientists. From infancy Victor was treated more life his parents science project than their son. Yes his parents loved him, but whilst Victor long to be outside playing with the other children, he spent his time studying and being studied.

At a young age Victor had a higher than average IQ, this was caused by the nurture or his parents along with experiments conducted by them to increase human intelligence.

A Young Victor Stone with his parents

As Victor Grew he started to buck against his learning regime, and for a time started to hang out with some unsavoury characters of a similar age. After he became involved in petty crime his mother realised that her and her husband had in some way caused Victor to rebel.

Victor's father dismissed this but with reluctantly  agreed that Victor should be allowed to go to public school and allowed to follow his dream. Deep down Silas believed that Victor would see sense and would return to the path and future he had carved for his son in  the world of science and exploration.

Now allowed to follow his own path Victor found that his true future lay in sport. He found that along with his expanded intellect he was good at any sport he tried his Hand At. However, although he was more intelligent than his peers in the beginning, he neglected his studies and concentrated solely on Sports. This meant than is above IQ age soon turned into an average IQ compared to his other classmates.
A Young Teen Victor Stone,  a champion but not in the eyes of his parents.

Victor won nearly all the sporting titles and awards open to him. He received much praise from everyone around him..... except his Father who felt that Victor was wasting both his time and his life continuing  in this pastime. Victors mother was supportive, but had to agree with her husband that Victor was wasting his potential on marking Sport his future career.
A Young Adult Victor Stone winning  everything except the endorsement of his Parents.

Although he began to distance himself from his parents and their lives, he would make the effort to visit with them. As their lives revolved around work and research this usually meant meeting with them at their place of work   STAR Labs.

On a visit to see them Victor's life would be changed forever.

Next Time The End of one Life and a Start of a New One for Victor Stone.

Until Then ENJOY !

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