Sunday, 23 August 2015

THE "NEW" TEEN TITANS part Two The Mystery that was RAVEN

The first member of the New look Titan's was a brand new character, the likes of which had never been seen before.

Her look was unique, her full origin was not revealed for months and her powers too were different. Her name was simply Raven.

All readers knew about Raven was she was a young Girl that had gathered heroes around her to help fight a Demon from another dimension who threaten not just her existence but every one on Earth.
The true nature of the Demon would later be reviled as her Father, and although she tried to be more a pacifist  than an aggressor, the other Titan's soon found out that hidden inside her was a Demonic version of herself that was and could be worse than that she was fighting against. The other Titans at times did not trust her very much as it would be revealed that she very much used her powers to both emotionally, physically and ALSO manipulate them...... and in the case of Wally West, did cause him to fall in love with her. Although she was unable to really allow herself the ability to love in case  by allowing herself to be open to too much emotion allowed her inner demons to emerge.

Also it would be later known that she had originally sort the help of the Justice League, but Zantana their resident magical Mistress of the Dark and Mystic Arts had sensed the evil in her and therefore the JLA refused to help Raven. So  she  made a collection of Teen Heroes as her second choice. Easier to manipulate possibly ? but it turned out to be the best choice.

Here is my version of Raven

At first even her full look was not revealed. What did she look like under her strange hooded cloak ? was she human ? how old was she.

These questions were answered when Raven removed her hood to show she was a beautiful 18 year old young girl . Human looking but with a mystery about  her. Her speech was also different and precise.  Referring to her team mates by her proper names. It was not Dick, Wally, Gar, Vic, Kory and Donna. It was Richard, Wallace, Garfield, Victor, Koriand'r and Donna.

To sum Raven up she was the Daughter of an earth woman and the demonic entity called  Trigon, Raven constantly had to fight  to keep her evil side in check. However, the young empathic mystic sometimes fell to the dark side, but valiantly found her own inner light – usually at the expense of her own happiness. She could heal the sick and dying by taking the pain into herself, but there was always a price to pay when she used her powers. The negative energy and pain would sometimes allow her "Darker" part to emerge.
Under the Hood was a Beautiful if not scary young girl.

Here is another look at the Darker side of Raven.

Next Time, an Original Titan who would lead the new team.

Until then  ENJOY !

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