Friday, 4 September 2015

The New Teen Titans Part Four Who Will Lead the New Titans ?

When Raven brought together all of the individuals that would ultimately become the "NEW" Teen Titan she choice well by choosing Dick Grayson aka Robin.

Although now not a Teen he had show his mentor, The Batman and his elders that he could be and was a great leader of Super Heroes or Meta Humans.

Dick had struggled to show that he was more than just " & Robin !! " He was just a good in some ways as Bruce Wayne's Batman, and in some ways better. Both men were driven to help defeat evil and to defend justice, but unlike Bruce, Dick tried not to let that drive and determination define him as who and what it was.  or what he could be.

Whilst Dick had been away at College he had tended to balance his life as Dick Grayson student against Robin The Teen Wonder. He tended to team up with Batgirl aka Barbara Gordon who by this time new his secret identity. The pair would have a type of romance, but like his feelings for Donna Troy, aka Wonder Girl, Dick treated them both like sisters, not lovers. In later life he and Barbara would find that their relationship was something more and would become lovers, but romance when the pair where dubbed the " Dynamite Duo " was never an issue.

Whilst with Dick away from Wayne Manor, Bruce soon moth balled The Bat Cave and the Manor and moved into the Wayne Foundation Building in Gotham City where he set up a new base of operations along with trusty old Alfred.

Over time Bruce started to spend less time as Bruce and more time as the Batman. This and his hard edge had started to cause problems with his team mates in The Justice League of America, which was around the same time as Dick was forming the "New" Teen Titans, Bruce had quit the JLA and had set up his own team called the Outsiders. A team comprised of lone Wolf Heroes like himself, many young and inexperienced and ready and willing to be molded by the Batman.

Although it would take years in the comics, in reality it would be a short time that both Robin and Batman started to clash on the right and wrong approach to fighting crime. Dick was not a kid any more, and he knew that Bruce was not always right, but Bruce had always been the senior member of the Duo and was blind and stubborn to accept that he and his techniques may not always be right. Also the Teen Titans did not need any financial help from Bruce and the Wayne Millions... This Time the Team was financed by another source, Thus meaning Bruce had no  control over the TT's as had been the case originally. Robin was free from relying on Bruce financially.

This tension would finally explode when Bruce would officially "Fire" Dick as Robin, but that's another story for another Time.

Robin did  not get much of a make over as he joined the new team. Unlike today when costumes change all the time, Robin and his look remained constant, with a few  minor changes to reflect  he was no longer just "THE BOY WONDER" the New Look of Robin was very "Old School" in fact.

Here is Robin as he was depicted at the start of the "NEW" TT's run.

But back to the "New" Titans. With the Corr of the Team brought together by Raven, a final member was literally dropped into the New TT's Lap.
The Mystery Princess From The Stars !

This New and final Member would not just change the dynamic of the group but would impact greatly on Rick Grayson aka Robin's personal and private life too.

Next Time we meet a brand new character into the DC Universe, who would help define the New Team and the direction the Titans would go.

Until Then     ENJOY

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