Tuesday, 1 March 2011


Things did not look great for the future of the Super Team. With PAW, IRON HOUND, GIANT DAWG and THE WASPISH POOCH already to leave, it was up to CANINE AMERICA to find replacements.

First up was a pair of twins that had originally been part of Mutt-neto's group of Evil Mutt-ants.

Wanda Maxiwoof started her career as a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutt-ants under the leadership of Mutt-neto, The Magnetic Mutt. With her twin Brother, Quick Slobber, they were Blackmailed into helping Mutt-neto in his quest for Canine-Superiority. Little did they or he know at the time, that he was their Father.

Her Magical Rex Powers caused Chaos and mayhem to all who stood in her way. Later she and her brother escaped the paws of Mutt-neto. 

They had kept a low profile, hiding away in Eastern Europe trying to put the criminal past behind them.
However, an invitation to join the Avenging Hounds was offered, and both The Scarlet Bitch & her Brother Jumped at the chance to help clear the stain of MUTT-NETO from their Paws.

Wanda's Rex Power was very unpredictable, and in the beginning she was seen as the Strongest Member of the New Team, but also its weakest. Also her confidence was not good, and that added to an over protective and over  powering twin brother made Wanda's early career with the Avenging Hounds not that easy.

However, as the years went on, she started to pull free from the brotherly guidance of Quick Slobber, and even found love and marriage with another team mate.

Her Powers too increased, as her understanding and control got better. She also undertook training in Magic. from Agatha Barkness & Doggie Strange as it was discovered that her REX POWER was rooted in MAGIC.

Unfortunately, her unstable powers reflected her sometime unstable mental health, and on occasions she went a bit barking mad. The last time caused the Death Of Many of The Avenging Hounds and a reduction in the overall Mutt-ant population... but that's another story for another time.


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