Saturday, 19 March 2011


Hairy Pym continued his super hero career as The Yellow Jack Russell BUT at the same time he spent time on research. However he made a miscalculation and ended up stuck at Ant size.  For a time all believed he was dead, as an explosion demolished his lab and his house. 

With the aid of the niece of  one of his enemy's  EGG HEAD HOUND he regained his ANT PUP HELMET and along with a new custom made outfit Miss Starr made for him, he had many adventures as the miniature mutt.  In the end his wife the Waspish Pooch found him and together they found a cure. ( not before she was turned into a Real Wasp, but that's another story )

Here is Hairy in his 1970's ANT PUP outfit

 After Hairy was curred of his smallness, he returned to heroing and Y J R identity.  However, his mental state was again becoming an issue, and in a fit of rage he hurt his wife Janet.  With his life falling apart along with his marriage, he started using deadly force against The Avenging Hounds villains. This resulted in his dismissal from the team.  In a ploy to get his place on the team he faked crimes so that he could save the day, but instead he nearly killed Janet, and was arrested and went to prison.

When he was released from Jail he decided to give up being a hero hound, and was offered a place working along with The Hawk Eyed Hound and the newly Formed WEST COAST AVENGING HOUNDS.

Now just plane DR HAIRY PYM he found that he could be himself and a hero at the same time.  AND for the first time in years he was happy with his new roll and his life.

Here is DR HAIRY PYM, the hero hound with amazing pockets.

Tomorrow more new looks for old heroes


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