Thursday, 3 March 2011


Clint Bark-ton, aka the Hawk-eyed Hound had also been a villain.  He had crossed swords with The Iron Hound in the past.  Boney Stark, aka Iron Hound, had seen that  Clint was not really a bad puppy, and as a result had asked him to join the new roster of the AVENGING HOUNDS.

Clint had no Super Power, other than being a very skilled archer. A skill he had learnt growing up in a Circus.

He was not an easy character to be with originally, as he would challenge Canine America at every opportunity. BUT over the years he mellowed and has become one of the longest serving members of the Team.  He even gave up his Arrows for a time, and Played at being a BIG DOG... but that's another tale or sound it be tail for another time

In the years that followed, he has become Team Leader, even founded a 2nd team. The West Coast Avenging Hounds with his wife.

He maybe a Doggie with a lot of trick arrows, but you would never call THE HAWK-EYE HOUND a one trick pony.


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