Tuesday, 15 March 2011


DR Hairy Pym was always looking at improving his size control powers, soon he was able to make a pill that would work just a well as the gas he had originally used. This not only allowed him to shrink to the size of an ANT and smaller, it allowed him to grow larger to GIANT size too

Around this time he re designed his cyber helmet, and was able to make a version that fitted into his mask.  Although this was not as powerful as his Ant Pup helmet, it served his purpose, especially now as he was using the "nom de plume"  of his SECOND IDENTITY ...... GIANT DAWG

Like his then partner Janet Van Dog aka the WASPISH POOCH he tried lots of different combinations in design and colour of his costume.  The final one even had a big Blue Helmet.

He is a look at his original GIANT DAWG Costumes

Hairy took a leave of absence from the Avenging Hounds to continue his love of science and research, but when he returned to the Heroic Hounds he had a new name

Come back tomorrow for the next stage in Hairy Pym's story


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