Friday, 18 March 2011


When Hairy Pym found himself stuck at Giant size many years ago he worked with another scientist Dog- Tor Bowl Foster.  Years later he would take up the mantle  firstly as GIANT BLACK DOG and later BLACK HOUND GOLIATH.

He played at being a part time hero hound for a while, even joined the super hero group known as the CHUM-PION'S.  However, Bowl Foster was later forced to give up the hero life when he developed canine cancer.  Years later after he was cured he was murdered by a canine clone of the Muttie Paw, the Dog Of Thunder.

Here The BLACK HOUND GOLIATH in his 1ST & 2ND costumes
This Big Dog was not the only Copy Cat hero trying out to fill Hairy Pym's boots, as another one of the Avenging Hounds also got in on the game.

When the Shape Shifting race of the SK-GROWL went to war again with the Warrior Race called the K9-REE The AVENGING HOUNDS found themselves drawn into the battle. As the current line up was lacking, Clint  Barkton, aka the Hawk eyed Hound, dropped his arrows and bow and picked up some growth pills and adopted the name of The Hound Goliath.   Clint spent only a short time as this Canine Giant as he preferred his old skills as the Bow & Arrow BOW-WOW.

Here Clint is as The Hound Goliath

More Giant sized fun tomorrow


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