Monday, 21 March 2011


When Hairy Pym's ex wife Janet Van Dog, aka the WASPISH POOCH died as a result the Failed SK-GROWL invasion, Hairy decided to adopt a new identify.

To honour Janet, he decided to become the WASPISH POOCH himself.   In a costume looking like something out of the Beatles Album cover, Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band.... he started fighting crime.

Here he is in the costume with and without the wings he gave himself so he could fly like his name sake.

Whilst the rest of the Avenging Hounds were a bit worried with this decision, he soon convinced them this was a good idea for him and a good Way to honour Janet.

However, He later realised that dressing as up as the Waspish Pooch was not a good idea, so in the end decided to return to an earlier identity that he was comfortable with.

So here for the first time we have DR HAIRY PYM as the GIANT DAWG (once again)

This brings to a close my week long tribute to the many identities of DR HAIRY PYM. How long he will remain Giant Dawg is any ones guess.


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