Monday, 28 March 2011


Jaw-nice Rand, Pupvel Chekov and Nurse Grolwstine Chapel make up the main crew members of the Star Ship Second Prise.

Jaw-nice Rand is yeoman to the Captain, who seems to spend her time getting Jaws T Bark to sign things. She is in love with her Captain, however, he never returns her puppy love. ( as he is  normally too busy sniffing around some pretty Alien Totty he has met to bother with any femail crew member )

Pupvel Chekov, sits beside the older and wiser Mr Sniff-u at the Helm control.  Pupvel is the ships navigator, as he has a great sense of direction. The Young Russian Ensign is the youngest of the Bridge Crew, and his playful nature is encouraged by the Captain, if not totally understood by MR S-PUP

Nurse Growlstine Chapel is Dr Bones McCoys right hand support and chief Nurseing Officer. Although she respects DR Bones, she would rather play Doctors & Nurses with the pointed eared  Vulc-Hound MR S-PUP.  Over the years she has tried to get him to notice her as more than just a Nurse.  BUT Vulc-Hounds are not very good at showing love to others, so Nurse Chapel may have a long wait on her paws before she can capture his Green Heart.

I hope you have all enjoyed our little trip around the Cosmos with the fine Canine Crew of The Star Ship Scond Prise.....

Maybe more voyages coming soon


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  1. Have you done any of the Babylon 5 crew Noel?