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Over the last few weeks I have tried to tell the tale of the Original Teen Titans, from the early days of the 1960's when the group comprised of Robin, the Boy Wonder, Kid Flash, the fastest Teen in the World, Aqua Lad, Prince of Atlantis and Wonder Girl, adopted daughter of the Queen of Paradise Island....... up until the late 1970's when the member ship had grown to include two teams  with a combined membership of 15 Titans.

However, there is one member, that has not been mentioned. She officially never became a true Titan,  but was granted honorary membership. This was Tula, aka Aqua Girl, but unfortunately  most  of her early adventures with the Original Teen Titans remain among the many unpublished tales of the Titans history.

But who was Tula, and how did she become Aqua Girl ?.......  well here is a short background story of the Forgotten Teen Titan.

Tula  was born into the same race of Water Breathing Humans as Aquaman. However, shortly after her birth both of her parents mysteriously died, and the orphaned Tula was adopted by one of the Royal Families of Atlantis and was raised as  Tula Princess of Poseidonis. However,  her adopted parents decided to keep her secluded from other folk of Atlantis . It is unclear if Tula's true parents were related to her new royal guardians, but even though Tula was not their genetic child, they did not want to expose her to any risks and outside dangers. Therefore Tula would remain within in the confines of the Royal Palace for her own protection.

When Tula was 15  she was allowed to mix with other Atlantians . This is how she met the Adopted son of Aquaman, the King of Atlantis. Garth or Aqua Lad as he called himself. When Garth first saw the mysterious Princess he  fell head over gills in love with Tula, and she with him.


Tula enjoyed the freedom that she had been denied since birth, and she was always eager to hear Garth's stories of his adventures with the Teen Titans.

Occasionally Tula would join Garth and Aquaman in protecting the Oceans from dangers. She adopted the name Aqua Girl, to show her devotion  to both Aquaman and Garth.

Soon she started to join Garth on his adventures above the surface, and this is where she came into contact with the Original Teen Titans.  Like Garth, Tula also found that she could only spend short periods of time out of the water before her strength and health were affected, and when Aqua Lad decided he had to quit the Titans, Tula as his ever loving Girl Friend supported his decision.

TULA & The Teen Titans

Both Tula and Garth remained together for many years, and would assist the Titans when ever the need arose.

In the mid 1980's During the shake up of the DC Universe  called Crisis on Infinite Earths, Tula was poisoned and died  in the arms of her beloved Garth, Aqua Lad.

Tula was not the only Teen Titan to have their life changed during the Crisis, but she was the only one that died as a result......  But unlike many heroes that faded from existence due to the Crisis,  Aqua Girl's memory lived on in the Hearts of the Titans and those of her fellow people of the Underwater world of Atlantis.
AQUA GIRL, a victim of the Crisis !

Next Time more on the Titans who's history was changed by the Crisis.


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