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THE TEEN TITANS WEST Part Five When East Meets West

Meanwhile, as the New West Coast Team of Titans battled to save lives from the Disasters caused by Mr Esper, the Original Teen Titans over on the East side of the country are investigating a New Super Villain calling himself Captain Calamity..... Who too seemed to be responsible for a series of disasters effecting that side of the country.


During both teams investigations they are brought together, and at first both teams were  suspicious of each others motive and actions.  This causes tension and fights started to break out between both teams.


Finally, Wonder Girls managed to calm everyone with the use of her magic lasso, allowing both sets of super heroes to split into smaller teams to battle Mr Esper and Captain Calamity, who they suspeced t were  somehow related.

Lilith finally unearths the fact that both Villains are in fact one person.

Both teams working together finally apprehended the Villain Mr Esper, the former foe of the Bat-Man.

Originally both Teams would have continued as Teen Titans based on different sides of the country, with some of the East Coast Heroes moving West whilst some of the West Coast Heroes moved East, BUT as DC comics had decided to cancel the comic in 1977 both Teams were left to continue as they were.

Combining both teams Presenting THE TEEN TITANS

It would later be told that the West Coast Titans disbanded after a few weeks, as most of them had other interests they wanted to pursue. Lilith and Gnarrk wanted to continue their romantic life together, Golden Eagle found he really was not the hero kind, well not 24-7 anyway, Hawk and Dove had commitments, Bat-Girl missed the fame and life style her Tennis gave her, and even Beast Boy yearned to be a TV Star again.

On the East Coast, Aqua Boy was the first to resign from the group, as he was finding being at Titan too difficult, and this was causing Health issues, Guardian & Bumble Bee knew that the Super Hero life complicated their relationship, and also did not allow Bumble Bee  much time as a scientist, her first love.  Harlequin would disappear in the pursuit of happiness and answers about her origin and true back ground.

This left the core members of  Robin, Wonder Girl, Speedy & Kid Flash.  These Teen Titans were no longer Teen agers any more, and all of them wanted to do the things that young adults do, like go to college and start to build a life outside the Super Hero Business. They knew everything about the hero business, and very little about normal life. Each knew that they all needed other experiences to help them grow as people. Their only family were their mentors and the other Titans, and this was not enough for them all.

ROBIN - Dick Grayson went to college, WONDER GIRL -  Donna Troy began to build a career for herself as a Photographic Journalist, KID FLASH - Wally West also went into higher education and SPEEDY - Roy Harper would start to play apart in his in the Business Empire run by his Father Oliver Queen.

The Original Teen Titans had disbursed for the last time. The Original 5 would always remain great friends, and at times some of them would band together to fight evil, but on the whole they were no longer the teen aged side kicks of other heroes, they were heroes in their own right. They had all grown up.

When a New Team of Teen Titans would arise, these would be something very new, BUT that is another story for another Time.

This is the End of my Tales of The Original Teen Titans, Next Time I will introduce a Titan that was over looked, and tell of what happened to some of the Teen Titans after all thing changed after the 1st Crisis happened.


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