Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Killing Joke....... A bad day for Barbara Gordon

As the DC universe was still trying to deal with the brutal death of Robin mark 2 aka Jason Todd, by the hand of Batman's arch enemy .... THE JOKER , the mad clown of crime struck again.

In 1988 a story was published that would again cause the BATMAN FAMILY much heart ache and pain. The Tale was called THE KILLING JOKE

Early in  the same year  Bat-Girl aka Barbara Gordon had officially retired as a costumed crime fighter. However before she had a chance to enjoy her retirement she came face to face with the Joker again.

The Joker had a plan to destroy The Bat-man by attacking those close to him. The first Victim was to be Commissioner James Gordon, but he did not want to kill him, he wanted to bring Gordon down to his level by driving him insane.

Whilst at home Barbara Gordon, the Commissioners daughter (and the now retired BAT-GIRL) answered a knock at her front door.
Barbara Gordon..... Knock Knock Who's There ?

Opening it she was met with a colourfully dressed caller carrying a camera and a GUN......... It was the Joker !
The Joker calls unexpectedly !  Bang Your Dead ! 

Without any warning The Joker shot Barbara and kidnapped her Father who he tormented by showing him some  photographs he had taken of Barbara laying dying after her attack.

Batman would of course save the day, and James Gordon was rescued his sanity retained, however Barbara was left paralysed for life.

The Joker would never know that by shooting Barbara Gordon he had in theory came close to murdering one of his greatest enemies BAT-GIRL.

Barbara would soon take up the role of Oracle, and proved that she did not need the use of her legs to help solve crimes.

A New Way To Fight Crime 

One of the biggest twists came from the story when it emerged that Batman had caused the accident that created The Joker. which meant that Bruce would carry this guilt on his shoulders along with the Death of Jason and now the maiming of Barbara.  It would take time, but Bruce would realize that although he had played a part in creating The Joker, he was not responsible for the Clown Prince of Crimes actions as a result.

As a tribute to his fallen team mate, Bat-Girls costume was placed by the side of Jason Todd's Robin costume in the Bat Cave.

Both of which would prove to be both an inspiration and a warning of how dangerous Crime Fighting could be.

The Legacy of Two Fallen Heroes 

Next Time Another New Boy Wonder !

Until Then ENJOY !

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