Tuesday, 4 March 2014


Well the votes were caste and a decision was reached about Jason Todd the "New" ROBIN..... and the Decision was NOT kind to Master Jason.

With the decision made by the readers who voted, the story would continue as follows....

Batman had arrived at the very moment that the Warehouse that contained his partner Robin  had exploded. Searching through the wreckage Batman discovers the body of Sheila. She is badly injured and before dying tells Batman what has happened. Her final words to Batman were that Jason was trying to protect her when the bomb exploded. He died a Hero.

Continuing his search BATMAN came across the life less body of his adopted Son Jason...... He was dead.  Robin The Boy Wonder was dead.

Death of a Hero called ROBIN

Batman recovering  both bodies and returns to Gotham,where he arranges them to be buried.

Batman tries to bring the Joker to book for his crimes, but as the Joker now had allied himself with a foreign Country claims International Immunity. Also Joker tells Batman that he knew the identity of The Dead Boy Wonder. hinting that he now knew the Caped Crusaders true identity also.

Bruce takes the death of Jason very badly, and for a long time looses some of his humanity and compassion. He makes a memorial to Jason Todd in the Bat Cave. Which will remain there as a reminder of his greatest failure.

Alfred would try to get Bruce to consider working along side Nightwing aka  Dick Grayson again, as he knew that Bruce-Batman needs to share his work and his life with someone else who understands his obsession and crusade as the Dark Knight.  Bruce rejects this stating that from now on Batman works alone, and he can no longer be responsible for anyone else but himself.

Batman's obsession  with the Joker would further intensify in the coming months after the Clown Prince of  Crime would go onto shoot Barbara Gordon, leaving her crippled as a result.

This was the end of the tale of Jason Todd, the 2nd Robin, Although it was intended that Jason Todd would not return he would many years later as a result of another "Crisis" in the DC Universe.

Although for now  Jason was dead, this would not be the end of Robin...... He would rise again in a new form, with a new name...... and that name would be Tim.

A final tribute to Jason Todd, the not so loved Boy Wonder.....

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Next time Batman gets another new Robin.....

Until then   ENJOY

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