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TIM DRAKE, THE NEW BOY WONDER part Five..... The Ultimate Robin

Tim Drake was now the latest in the line of Robins to partner BATMAN.
Tim Drake the all New Look ROBIN

Unlike Dick Grayson, Tim was not a skilled athlete or acrobat, but like Dick, Tim was good at his job. Like Jason Todd, Tim was young and keen but unlike the late Jason, Tim knew how to take orders and guidance from his mentor, Bruce Wayne aka BAT-MAN. Following orders was not Jason's strong point.
The later refined version of the New Robin look

Tim's father would recover from the illness caused by the same poisoning  that had taken the life of his wife and Mother of Tim. The secret of Tim's double like remained a secret for a long time, but as Tim's Dad began to show jealousy of his son's involvement with Bruce Wayne, Tim found himself in a difficult situation. Either give up his own Father, or give up his life as Robin. When Tim's Father did learn that Tim was Robin he tried his up most to make him stop.

As time moved on the situation of having "Two" Father figures would play itself out and after the Death of his real Father, by the hands of villains targeting families and people connected with the super hero community, Tim found himself living at Wayne Manor and officially adopted by Bruce Wayne.

Tim, would soon find love in the form of  Stephanie  Brown, who like Tim was a masked Vigilante. But more about Miss Brown later.

From time to time Tim would find himself taking on missions on his own following his own leads. this allowed him to grow as a person and as a Hero. Soon he would help form his own Super Hero Team, calling themselves Young Justice after the Justice League. They were similar to the old original Teen Titans, but they had a mentor to guild them in the form of the android hero Red Tornado.  As The original Teen Titans, who had now mostly grown up,   still  continued on and off as a team calling themselves , The Titans the new kids on the block could bot very well use the name. Young Justice,  gave the latest side kicks of Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow and The Flash a chance to fill the gap left by the now grown up former Teen Titans., and like the original T T's,  Young Justice would tend to help those people who's plight or problems would never be important enough for the "Big Guns" of the Justice League to worry about.

Soon young Justice would evolve into a new version of the Teen Titans, But again that is another story for another time.... but along the way, Tim updated his Robin uniform to combine  elements of his and BAT-MAN's look.
A more grown up Robin look for Tim

Tim would continue as Robin during a difficult time, Bruce Wayne was injured and forced to give up the Batman Roll to another, and Tim would continue as Robin to the "New" Dark Knight. However, this relationship was difficult, as already detailed, The New Bat-man had many issues, and would eventually end up Battling a recovered Bruce Wayne for the Title of The BAT-MAN.
The continuing changes to the BAT-MAN and ROBIN line up during Tim's time in the BAT CAVE

The biggest shock came in Tim's life was when BAT-MAN aka Bruce Wayne died,  (or the World believed he had died ) and Bruce's mantle passed onto Nightwing aka Dick Grayson. Tim still idolised Dick, but was shocked when he was asked to give up his Robin identity for another person. More about this new Robin soon.

Tim would go onto to become a NEW hero with a borrowed name....... Red Robin

The names ROBIN, RED ROBIN !

Although Tim Drake may NOT have been the first Robin, or will be the last, but to fans he is now considered to be the BEST.

Next time Robin the "GIRL" Wonder....... sorry for the SPOILER Alert !

Until then ENJOY.

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