Monday, 20 December 2010

ON THE 8TH DAY------------------------------------

This is another one of my favourite 12 days Pictures

Funny It did not take too long to do.

As you will see there is a real mix of Super Pups . From the original 1930's look Supes, to modern, to 1980's Film style, to 2000's Conner  and also the Maid of steel from early first appearance to crisis to re vamped modern.   The Power Pup I did months ago, and although not a "super" fitted in very well.

Yesterday I showed you my Justice Sniffers Xmas card from last year,   Well as well as doing that cover, I did another featuring Buddy.  As the Real Buddy, had recently died I thought that this not be fitting to give the owners a cartoon version of their beloved pet for Xmas. At the last minuet I decided to take a risk.

 I printed both covers at comic book style size, put them on backing boards and placed them in old comic bags bearing an old price label.

The final result made them look just like comics.   then on my next visit to A Place In Space ( my local comic shop) I slipped these in with some back issues I had decided to buy.  

Well I originally thought that once I reached the till, " my comics" would be spotted, but the owners wife, Alison,  added up my purchases, held my Wonder Dog number 1 # up looked at it, smiled  and sighed " Buddy the Wonder Dog "  and rang it up on the till.

I was soooo amazed that my little ruse had worked, a little bit too well maybe.   So I asked Alison to look again.  She still did not twig until I said Happy Christmas, when she realised that It was a Xmas Card.

Overall I am happy with the look, a bit more cut and paste than I usually do, but  once printed to photographic style paper, it looked good.

Well long story short...... This comic now hangs on the wall in the Shop, along with some expensive, and more collected comic books.

I will post some of my other Cover Cards in the next few weeks


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