Thursday, 23 December 2010

Well the end is in sight.

This is a couple of Try out pictures I originally did back in January 2010. The JLA or Justice Leads Of Animals was to go with the previous JSA Justice Sniffers of Animals.

Originally both groups would have been on the satellite, a bit like the old JSA / JLI teem ups from my childhood.

However, I decided that I had 3 types of Dawgs, The Buddy style, the DC Doggies and the Comic looking ones ( some of these date back to 1970's ) did not look great mixed together. So I dropped that idea.......BUT to make things easier for the 12 Days, I decided to use these two pictures as they gave me the required number of Hounds.

Along with the JLA you get my take on the original Doom Patrol.  Predating the X people over at Marvel, this group of misfits are a much loved part of my early comic book reading life.

So after a small revamp, and with added Logos..... we get 2 groups making the 10th Day


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