Saturday, 25 December 2010

ON THE 12TH DAY ........................................

My 12 days are nearly over & done.
but hopefully you enjoyed them,
and found my doggies fun,

In the coming weeks
there will be more Dawgs for you
to see,
Some are very  good,
you can believe that of  me.

I have hounds to make you laugh,
some may bring a tear,
and I promise no more Christmas pic's
until this time next year.

So a Merry Christmas from me
and my Hounds
Stay Healthy and safe,
and don't pile on the pounds.

Happy Christmas to one and all.

Now you can sing the song all the way through.  

So I finished up with a load of Buddys.

A nice mix of Marvel & DC characters all with at Buddy twist.



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