Sunday, 26 December 2010

UP DATING A CLASSIC COVER .......................

In my first post I showed my take on the Classic X Men  141 cover. 

I did this as my Christmas Card to my local comic store    A PLACE IN SPACE

Well, as the end result was so good, I did a few more different covers.   Here is the 2nd.

Whilst the first cover used names similar to the characters, this cover tried to match real doggies to my Hero Mutts.

The one that caused me the most problem was Kitty Pride, who then went by the name Sprite.   I settled on using Kelpie  as this also means Sprite.

Why Kitty appears as a Dawg on the poster and also a Cat with Wooferine is still a mystery to me.   ( and I drew it !!!! )

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