Wednesday, 22 December 2010

ON THE 9TH DAY ..........................

I hope you are singing along at home !

 Welcome Back to the BAT -FANG FAMILY .

I tried to do the Bat - Fang in all the different styles of Bob Kane's greatest creation.  Like Robin , the Bat costume did not change very much over the years, but these days It seems to change every week.

You have my Batty take on  the 1940's 1960's 2000's  all the way up to 2010's new look too.  Also The Silver Age Bat - Pup in Black costume, and the New Modern version.    and lastly you get 2 ex- Rovers too ( I mean Robins)   with Bite Wing and Red Rover. ( well 3 really as one is now the Bat - Fang )

I am especially pleased with the Logos... I hope you like them


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