Friday, 17 December 2010


More from The BAT ~ FANG FAMILY

This time you have my take on Bat Girl.... or BAT PUP.

Starting with Betty Kane, the original from the early 1960's niece of 1950's Bat Woman, who now goes by the name Flamebird.   Then there is Babs Gordon from the late 1960's  complete with Bat Handbag (or Purse for my America Friends ) and finally then comes Helena Bertinelli, a nod to Helena Wayne the Huntress from Earth 2 (Daughter of that Universes Bat-Man & Cat Woman)

Where possible I tried to give all my DC Dawgs a Logo as fitting for the time they were originally created.   These Logos could take longer to do than the Dawgs.    But the difference is in the detail they do say.

PS. I have not forgotten the current Bat Girl..... she pops up later on  in my 12 Days Of Christmas


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