Sunday, 19 December 2010

ON THE 6TH DAY...........................

As a Big Teen Titans fan from wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back in the 1960's I have always liked Kid Flash.   The funky costume and the over all look always sat well with me.   As I myself had copper coloured hair as a child, seeing a red headed super hero was great. Plus I always wanted a Flash Ring.   Which I recently got as part of a give away from DC comics.  After over 40 years waiting I am now very happy, shame it does not open to reveal a Kid Flash costume.     Also when I was a child a lot of the Super Heroes had villains who were evil versions of themselves.   Like Bizzaro, Sinestro, and of course Professor Zoom. As his costume was the reverse of The Flash, I thought I would add him to my Speedy Speedsters. You may noticed that most of most of my Flassie's are Collies,  this was a nod to Lassie. Well I thought it was funny.

  Up until recently I had been toying will the idea that all my super hero Dawgs would have cats as their arch enemies.   I have not come up with a good enough Cat design yet, but on my XMEN 141 # I could not resist doing Kitty Pride as a Kitty. (although in the wanted poster kitty is still seen as a Buddy Dawg.)


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