Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Early this year I came across this great site called Springfield Punx

I was blown away as the art which is AMAZING connected to me, and what I was doing.  (OR TRYING TO DO)

Although I feel like a poor cousin comparing Dean's art to that of mine.  His work really hits the nail on the head.   What makes this blog good is that Dean listens to his viewers and tries to please them by producing ideas and suggestions brought up by them.

If you are a DR WHO FAN   you will love this site....    Look at some of his older work also.   A lot of DC & Marvel Heroes can be found.....  (and a little bit of my work pops up too)

My Blog owes soooooooooo much to Dean , as he has been encouraging me to share it with every one for some time.

Below is one of Springfield Punx's latest  which I have posted along side one from my mine. Two birdie from Different Universes together for the 1st time.


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