Sunday, 10 April 2011


Pupfessor Rex next met with a young female that he had met many years ago in Cairo. Ororo Mongrel, was born with stunning white hair, the first hint that she was a Mutt-ant.  Orphaned as a young pup she went onto have many adventures growing up on the streets of Caro. Her Mutt-ant powers began to show at a tender age. She found she could control the weather, and the wind.   For many years she roamed the plains of Africa, with many people believing she was a Goddess due to her amazing power.  Years later she travelled further into Africa where she had met and had a brief romance with T' Dog-Collar  a young Mutt one day destined to be Ruler of the African Nation Wagg-kanda  , The Bark Panter and her future HUSBAND.   But that's another story

The Pupfessor informed Ororo she was a Mutt-ant and convinced her that her TRUE destiny lay elsewhere.

After some thought she agreed to come with the Pupfessor to America and become one of his New X-Mutts.

Ororo Mongrel  thus became,  The Breezy Bitch

Here is The Breezy Bitch in her original Costume

Ororo made the 4th New recruit..... but the Pupfessor was not finished yet....... Where next for Mutty Master of the Mind ?      JAPAN !

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