Sunday, 24 April 2011


Yesterday we learnt about  MADAME MUT-TASHA ROVER-NOFF AKA  the BARK  WIDOW's early history up until she refused membership to the Avenging Hounds and disappeared from their ranks and the life of her lover, Clint Barkton aka The Hawk eyed Hound.

To everyones surprise she returned to her home country Russia where she seemed to return to the services of her original masters.

However, this was not true, before she had been offered membership to the AV' Hounds, she had been contacted secretly by Nick Furry head of the SHIELD. Who convinced her to work for him and go back to Russia to be his double agent.

She did this, but was found out and locked up.   It was up to the Avenging Hounds, and her long thought dead husband that came to her rescue.

She then decided to retire from both the life of a spy and that of a Heroic Hound. Her retirement was short lived as she again became the Bark Widow, this time with a New Costume and an updated arsenal including her WIDOWS BITE.... A weapon contained in her wrist bracelets that could stun her enemy's... and possibly kill if the need be.

She continued a solo career until her path crossed that of Dare Doggie, the DogWithout Fear.  They worked together for many years, and became lovers. Proving that she is one lady who likes to take her work home with her. This relationship would also fail in the end.

Eventually she would take up membership with the Avenging Hounds many years after being asked the first time.  She would never be a full time member, but from time to time she would remain with the Hero Hounds to offer support, and leadership on occasions.

She also would have many hook ups with other Heroes and teams, one of which was the Short Lived Chumpions based in LA on the west coast of the USA, a team set up by EX X-MUTT Warren Woofington the Third aka the Bird Dog

Her story still contiues today, with her work with the Avenging Hounds and  Shield she still finds time to work as a SOLO crime fighter.  You could say she is always Rusian around after the Bad Guys.


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