Monday, 11 April 2011

A REAL JAPANESE HOT DOG .......................

Arriving in Japan Pupfessor Rex met with a local Mutt-ant he had cross swords with in the past.  SHOUNDO YOS-HOUNDA, was renowned in his native Japan as a Hero, a Mutt-ant  and Leader of the Clan Yash-hounda

He had no love for the Western World, especially due to the Bombing of his home land by the USA in WW2 (  That's WORLD WOOF 2 ) A few years previous when his X- PUPPY POWER first kicked in he went to avenge his country as the Japanese Mutt-ant  Warrior    SUNNY -SAN THE HEATED HOUND....  At that time Pupfessor Rex was able to make him see that attacking the USA was a senseless act.

Shoundo still had issues with the USA but agreed to help track down the missing X - MUTTS as this would mean that the Pupfessor and his X-Mutts would be forever in his debt.

With SUNNY-SAN the Heated Hound on board that made 5 New Members of The X-MUTTS.... but Pupfessor Rex knew that he would need some more help if he was to be successful in freeing his beloved pupils.

Next stop RUSSIA !

Be here tomorrow

Enjoy !

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