Wednesday, 20 April 2011


The original BARK KNIGHT, Nathound Growlett was a member of the Master Mutts of Evil, and had been the bane of Iron Hound for many years.
He contacted his nephew, Great Dane Woofman on his death bed. ( he had been fatally wounded in battle with Iron Hound)     Here Nathound confessed to young Great-Dane  about his life of crime, and asked Great Dane to restore the honor of the Bark Knight legacy. Great Dane learnt that his Uncle was one of many in the family who had adopted the mantle of the Bark Knight over the years.
Great Dane inherited all of his evil uncles wealth along with his BARK KNIGHT Armour , weapons and Flying Horse.
Later Great Dane received a letter that had been sent to his dead uncle, asking him to rejoin the new incarnation of the Master Mutts of Evil.  Great Dane agreed, as he thought by joining he could expose them, in a way making  up for his Uncles bad deeds.
Well in the end  BUT not as originally planned, he saved the Avenging Hounds who had all been captured by the Evil Mutts. As thanks for helping them, Great Dane was offered a place on the team of the Avenging Hounds.   The new BARK KNIGHT declined their offer as he was unsure that he wanted to follow that path, that of a Hero Hound.
He would later cross paths with the Avenging Hounds a few months later, when they got involved with their Time Travelling Foe.... FANG, The Conqueror.  During the time between meetings, Great Dane had found the  EB-BONEY BLADE.  the same sword that was used by the Original first Bark Knight in medieval England ( SIR PUPSY OF SCANDOGIA, )This time he accepted the offer of a place with The Avenging Hounds as a reservist, as he wanted to spend some of his time at his Family Castle in ENGLAND.
The Knight would be an on and off member of the Avenging Hounds for many years. Eventually he did become a full time member for a time.

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