Monday, 18 April 2011


When we last visited the New Yorkie, Mutt-hattan Mansion of the Worlds Muttiest Hero Hounds the roster consisted of. Canine America, Hawk eyed Hound, The Waspish Pooch and The Hound Goliath.    The Mutt-ant Twins Quick Slobber and The Scarlet Bitch  had taken a short hiatus from the group whilst they were both experiencing problems with their powers.

During this time the beautiful ex Russian spy MADAME MUT-TASHA ROVER-NOFF the BARK  WIDOW had helped out the team.  She was then the lover of the Hawk eyed Hound.  Although she helped out the team she never became an official member until MANY years later.

( More of The Bark Widow later this week)

but THE MAXI-WOOF TWINS came back to the fold in time to meet the  next Dawg to be offered membership to the Avenging Hounds. He originated from Greek legend.  HAIR-COLLIES, THE PUPPY OF POWER......  He was the son of the ZEUS ruler of the GREEK DOGS of OLYMPUPS.

HAIR-COLLIES was not a full ANCIENT DOG, he was a Demi-Dog as he had a mortal mother. He first met with the Avenging Hounds when  he had been tricked into fighting them by one of their enemies  AMUTTOR The Enchantress from AS-DOG.

He soon found out that The Enchantress was using him, and he was able to break her spell over him.  As a result of meddling in the lives of mortals, Hair-collies' father banished him to earth to teach him a lesson.


But OLYMPUPS' loss was the Avenging Hounds gain, and he became the newest member of EARTHS MUTTIEST HERO HOUNDS.

More Hero Hounds Tomorrow


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