Tuesday, 19 April 2011


The Avenging Hounds next got involved with a very nasty group of racists, The Serpent Sons of a Bitches. This is where they came across The Bark Panter.

The Bark Panter was in fact  T' Dog-Collar ,  Ruler of the African Nation Wagg-kanda.  His was a wealthy Nation who's levels of technology was equal if not better than many of the more powerful nations in the world.  Wagg-kanda was a Nation owing much of its success to the  mining  of the Unusual Metal Vibrani-Bone that is only found  there,  The Ruler of the People also has great strength and speed  due to the unusual Bone shaped herb only they are allowed to ingest. The People also believe in The Ancient Dog ... The Bark Panter... who watches over them.

Here we see the The Bark Panter as he originally looked.

The Cowl Mask was mainly aimed at the Racists, to show the colour of his fur.  The Serpent Sons of a Bitches believed in White Furred Hound Rule only.  the Cape was normally worn mainly for ceremonial purposes.
His help in defeating The Serpent Sons of a Bitches gained his membership into the ranks of the Avenging Hounds.

He was able to juggle his Kingly Duties with that of a Su-pup Hero for many years.

More New Members Tomorrow


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