Monday, 4 April 2011


When the Beastie left  Pupfessor Rex and his School for Gifted Dogs, he went and became a scientist. He spent his time Studying and looking into MUTT - ATION.  He discovered a gene that could grant temporary Mutt - ant powers to any canine.  He also discovered that someone was trying to steal his work, so he used the serum on himself to give him a disguise whilst he confronted the industrial spies.   However, he was unable to reverse the process as he had found he had remained in his secondary Mutt-anted state too long.

At first he was all Grey and furry, but later he settled for a much nicer blue colour.  

At first he tried to hide his appearance with a mask, but later found that people were accepting of his look.

In the future he would return to Pupfessor Rex & the X - Mutts, but for now he found himself a home with the AVENGING HOUNDS

Tomorrow, its SCHOOLS OUT for the Class of 1963    AND WELCOME to the Class of 1975


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