Wednesday, 27 April 2011


THE RED SCULLY-WAG, has been doing evil things since WW2 ( that's WORLD WOOF 2 ) and during that time he has been in conflict with The Scent-Hound of Liberty   Canine America.

BUT who is the RED SCULLY-WAG ?   Well his true identify was a secret for many years, but he is believed to have been born JO-HOUND SCHMIDT and is from a old Germanic Family.    His mother died as a result of giving birth to him and his father blaming Jo-Hound for her death quickly followed her to his grave. 

As an orphaned puppy he made his living on the streets until a chance meeting with the German Dictator HERR (or is that HAIR ) AD-WOLF HIT-FUR he became a follower to the WOOFZI party.   and rose through the ranks to be HIT-FUR'S most trusted attack hound.

He was originally given a Grotesque red skull mask to wear so to strike terror in any that would meet him. He was very loyal to his FURRY-HER    AD-WOLF HIT-FUR .... his real face would later be destroyed and he would end up looking like the RED SKULLY-WAG for real.

Like the Good Canine America, he too would survive the war and the years that followed in suspended animation.   When he arose from his "SLEEP" decades later, he discovered that his Nemesis was also still alive, and spent most of his time fighting The Star Spangled Sniffer, who in turn managed to stop The Red Skully-wag from taking over the World on more than one occasion.

The Red SKULLY-WAGG has a wonderful if warped mind.  He is a brilliant scientist,  leader, and Military Tactician.    Through science and training he is more powerful and fitter than the average Canine.   He is EVIL and today is totally loyal to one person..... HIMSELF

He, like a lot of Vill-hounds has been killed and resurrected on one or more occasion.... as they say   "YOU CAN'T KEEP A GOOD (OR bad) DOG DOWN ! "

More EVIL MUTTS tomorrow


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