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Long before she became an Avenging Hound,  MADAME MUT-TASHA ROVER-NOFF AKA  the BARK  WIDOW was a KGB Spy who came from  behind the Iron Curtain.  She was Russian, and had been sent to the WEST to spy on the Industialist and inventor BONEY BARK, who was secretly the IRON HOUND.  ( although she like the rest of the world did not know this )

At first she worn normal clothing, ( dressing like a Widow at a funeral ) and at that time had no real special powers, except for her cunning and bitchy charms.  Iron Hound was able to foil her many attempts to steal " his employers"  industrial secrets and plans. She would in her time romance Clint Barkton (the Hawk eyed Hound) and manipulate him into helping her in achieving her goals

Here he have Madame Mut-Tasha and the Iron Hound as they looked when they first met.

She also encountered Spider-Pup early on in his crime fighting career, and months later after another defeat by Iron Hound she returned to her home in Mother Russia

Whist back in Russia, the Red scientist went about trying to duplicate Spider-Pups powers,(it was thought at the time that his powers were artificial, they did not know about the radioactive spider)  as a result they came up with a costume that mimicked some of his abilities.  Her boots enabled her to walk up walls and cling to ceilings and a set of wrist bracelets enabled her to fire lines to swing by. 

The NEW BARK WIDOW returned to America to again do battle with IRON HOUND. The Hawk eyed Hound again joined her in her mission to DESTROY the Iron Hound. During One of these attempts, Mut-tasha was badly injured and when Hawk eyed Hound risked his life to save her, she truly began to fall in love with him.... which also made her question her loyalty to Russia.


Her Russian Bosses did not much like they way The Bark Widow now questioned some of their orders. As a result they attempted to kill her, and she was taken back to Russia by force.  Whilst there she was brain washed to become a good little Communist again.

During the time she was  back in the U S S R, The Hawk eyed Hound had joined the Ranks of  Avenging Hounds.   When The Bark Widow reentered his life she was hell bent on destroying him and his team mates. She had enlisted a bit of hired help from  the  disgraced ex AVENGING HOUND the SWORDS DAWG  and the Evil POWER PUP.

They failed in their attempt to kill the Avenging Hounds, and Mut-Tasha became free of the BRAIN WASHING effects....   To make up for her "evil" ways, she decided to aide the AVENGING HOUNDS in their fight to preserve peace.   After a few months the  Hero Hounds offered her membership to their ranks, but she said she would have to decline the offer, and would disappear from their lives and that of her lover the Hawk eyed Hound.  As a result she was branded as a traitor as it was reported she had returned to RUSSIA

Why did she go back to her old life ?   was she a Traitor ?

Find out the TRUTH tomorrow


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