Friday, 15 April 2016

The New Teen Titans Part seventeen..... Trigon Plants his Seed.

Last time I mentioned that the other worldly demon called Trigon had now set his eyes on Earth. As he could not completely cross over to our dimension he needed a key to help his achieve this. This Key would be a child.... his Child.

Manipulating a cult of religious fanatics looking at contacting other worldly forces he made his move. The cult summoned their savour, but what they got was the Devil in disguise.

Appearing to the Cult as a Young Handsome Man he was welcomed him as their messiah.  He lost no time using his influence in enthralling the young beautiful Angelia Roth.  He quickly romanced her and took her as his bride.

Trigon appears in Human disguise.

Taking her back to his dimension (which he had disguised as a pleasant Utopia) , Trigon "married" Angela and went about impregnating her with his seed. When Angela found she was expecting she rushed to share the good news with her husband. But instead welcoming his wife's joyful news, Trigon caste of his handsome illusion to reveal his true demonic form.

Angela with Child in the "Paradise" Illusion created by Trigon 

On having his bride fulfil her roll, Trigon revealed his true form which horrified Angela.
No More Mr Nice Guy. The illusion is shattered !

He then abandoned and cast Angela back to Earth. Alone and  pregnant with his child, Trigon patiently awaiting the day when he could call his offspring to his side.

What became of Angela Roth and her unborn child will be the subject of my next blog items.

Until Then Enjoy !!!

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