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The New Teen Titans Part Twenty Two The Trap is Sprung

As the days and weeks continued Tara aka Terra used her time to learn as much as she could about the Titans and their secrets as well as using them and their training methods to help improve her control over her powers. Her powers were great, but with the help of the others she began to see new ways in using her powers and adapting her abilities.

At times she would forget herself and would lash out uncontrollably. This would make many of the TT's question her true nature and her suitability to be one of the team.

Terra's lack of control was starting to worry the other Titans.

Tara played on her unstable background and up bring being the reasons behind her temper tantrums. Garth aka  championed her and all the other TT's put her outbursts down to her sad back story. Only Raven had her suspicion. But as she was always worried about her own inner demons surrounding her father, she was always uneasy to point out any ones issues in case it was "HER" Father Trigon manipulating her again. Donna also had her doubts, but  she was finding being the new team leader a challenge. Part of her wanted to ask Dick Grayson for advice, but she believed that if she starting having doubts about her decision making this could prove she herself was some what lacking.

Deathstroke forever watching events evolving  was less than forgiving of Terra's out bursts as he was worried she would give the game away before he could make good on his plan to capture and hand over the TT's to HIVE.  He warned Tara to be careful, and she reluctantly agreed to not over play her part. Slade knew he was too near reaching his goal to let the actions of a unstable element like Tara ruin everything.
Slade & Tara a marriage of convenience !!!

His relationship with Tara was strange at the very least, they appeared to be lovers, but was he really using her or was she really using HIM ?

When the time was right they would  attack the Teen Titans, in a place each felt most  safe.... in their own home.

One by one Deathstroke planned to  captured each of them. In their civilian lives each Titan were unaccustomed to being on guard  24 - 7. He planned to take out each of them himself, but Terra wanted to deal with Raven herself. Raven had been problematic to her and at times Tara knew that Raven's empathic abilities had seen through her ruse. She told him Raven was hers and he  was to "Leave The Witch to her ! "  Unlike the other Titans, Raven had no civilian identity or life outside Titans Tower, so whilst slade attacked the others, Terra took the battle to Raven. In a hard vicious battle Terra took out Raven nearly killing her  and almost destroying Titans Tower in the process.

Slade's plans for the other Titans was simple. Attacking them where they felt the safest was the key. And the means of the attack was almost most simple too.

Gar Logan  was rendered unconscious  from licking drugged envelopes whilst  replying  to his fan mail.


 Donna Troy was over come by fumes from Slade tampering with her photographic developing fluids.


Koriand'r  was duped into opening a surprise package addressed she thought from he boyfriend Dick Grayson. The surprise she got was a blast that overloaded her Star burst powers leaving her in a coma on the floor.
A present from her beloved Dick ?
A BOMB that Overloaded her Powers !

Victor Stone was electrocuted whilst reading a note reporting to be from his Grand parents.


This seemed like Child's Play to Deathstoke.  What he would have planned for Raven is any ones guess, but as Terra had wanted to take out "that Witch" as she called her, Wilson Slade allowed his partner to do this.

Terra attacked  Raven at Titans Tower. Raven was somewhat surprised by the attack and was not prepared for the viciousness of Tara's actions. After nearly destroying Titans Tower Terra beat Raven into unconsciousness nearly killing her in the process.


With Changeling, Cyborg, Wonder Girl, Starfire and now Raven captured all there was left was Robin and Kid Flash. As kid Flash had now retired and was his whereabouts  were unknown, Slade decided to discount  him as no longer a threat or a target.

Now it was time to capture the least powerful of the Titans. Robin or Dick Grayson as Slade now knew him to be. Grayson should be an easy target as Slade thought..........

Next Time its a show down between Robin and Deathstroke

Until then ENJOY !

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