Monday, 12 December 2016

The New Teen Titans Part Twenty Three .....The Hunt Continues.

Last time I told how at long last Deathstroke and Terra finally attacked the Titans. Deathstroke capturing Changeling, Wonder Girl, Starfire and Cyborg  where they all felt the safest.... in their own homes, leaving Terra to tackle Raven at her home at Titans Tower.

The final piece in the puzzle was  Robin, who Deathstroke knew was really Dick Grayson.  Deathstroke attacked Dick Grayson in his own apartment in New York City. Initially shocked that Deathstroke was attacking him at his home, the former Boy Wonder managed to fight off his attacker.

Deathstroke smashing through the window at Dick Grayson's apartment.

 Under estimating Dick Grayson as a real threat was to be Slade's mistake.  As Robin, Grayson he had show like his mentor Batman that he could hold his own without special powers or enhanced abilities time and time again. Only by a mixture of luck and timing Dick managed to escape Deathstoke.

Deathstroke had come too far to be thwarted by Grayson. He used all of his resources to find Grayson.
The Search for Dick Grayson

Dick went to Titans tower to enlist their help. When he  arrived at the ruined Titans Tower all there was to greet him was  the results of Terra's damage caused by her earth moving powers. Believing it to be her battling Deathstoke he tied to locate the other Titans. Realising they took had been captured he began to formulate a plan to locate and rescue them....... but before he could do this a mysterious woman stepped out of the shadows.

Who is this Mystery Figure ?

Was she friend or foe ? Find out next time.

Until then enjoy !

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