Friday, 28 October 2016

The New Teen Titans Part Twenty One The Truth About Terra

What at the time was not known by the reader was that Tara Markov aka Terra was not who she appeared to be.

Who was Tara Markov, a frighten young girl or an embittered Killer !

Yes she was a very damaged young girl who had been born of a union with a Monarch of a Foreign Country and his mistress. She had the power to move the very earth beneath her feet. This ability was not confirmed as being a natural gift or the result of a scientific experiment or accident. It would later be known her powers like her half brother Prince Brion of Markovia aka Geo-Force had been a result of an experiment to grant powers to help in the war for their country.

The Secret of Her birth if known would have caused scandal and the possible downfall and ruination of the country and the King. Being kept as a "dirty little secret" and being banished for her safety to a foreign land was bad enough...... but why did she become a killer, a hired assassin at a young age was simple.  She enjoyed Killing.

Now she was a member of the New Teen Titans, and as such she was now privy to all their secrets, including their true identities. This information would be valuable to anyone interested, but Tara already had someone interested in the secrets of the TT's and that was her "Business Partner" Deathstoke the Terminator aka Slade Wilson .

Deathstroke had blamed the death of his son Grant..... aka Ravager on The Titans. He had under took a contract with HIVE to destroy the TT's before they became a threat to their secret organisation. They gave him special abilities that in some way mirrored his fathers. Wether Grant had latent powers before he was "up graded " by Hive is not known.  However, these new abilities came with a high cost. As Grant used his abilities in battle with The TT's his very being and life force began to be used up. The harder he battled the more his powers began to kill him. Ultimately causing him to collapse and die in his Fathers arms.

When the readers learnt of Tara's betrayal many questioned what a 15-16 year old Girl was doing flirting with an older man. Many found the way she has portrayed as being a bit to risky.  However, this little misjudgement by the writers and the artists would be glossed over. Still the store called The Judas Contract is still believed to one of the best stories written for the Teen Titans, and in some ways one of the best penned  and published by DC Comics.

The TRUE Face of Tara Markov

Now the scene was set, and Terra arranged for the Teen Titans to be captured by HIVE.

Next Time whilst the fate of the Teen Titans hanging in the balance we get to learn more about Slade Wilson's past, we meet other members of the Wilson Family, A boy Side Kick gets a make over, a New Hero emerges and a Titan Dies.

Until then ENJOY !

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